mugler by nicola formichetti fall 11

He’s Lady Gaga’s stylist, the fashion director at Vogue Hommes Japan and contributes to an array of fashion magazines that include Dazed & Confused and V. Now he has designed his first collection for Thierry Mugler, which is taking on a new direction.

I actually really liked the collection, especially the whole degrade calf pad action that was going on in different colours, my favourite being the army green seen above. The shoes reminded me of Wang. Not so sure about the latex + mirror look, it’s too Gaga for me, we know he was the one who started the whole craze back when but I don’t think that aspect should have been featured in any way in the collection. I guess he had to put his stamp on it.

I also like the totally random tulle-on-head worn by some of the models, as you can see above it some how works visually. I actually have an image of this exact concept that I saved months ago when I was searching online, I can’t get to it now but will post it on Wednesday.

On that note I’m off to Paris tomorrow for the night! Hopefully I will find some great sale pieces in the few hours I have off.


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