christian dior couture spring 2011

John Galliano never ceases to amaze, I think this is one of his best couture collections. Not only did he reinterpret Christian Dior’s 1947 ‘new look’ to create some beautiful silhouettes, he also dropped the excessive theatrical tendencies of his collections (not that they aren’t amazing but this makes for a great change!)

As a result of the revolting crisis and fast fashion madness, the trend that has emerged is to return to the roots, to the luxury and heritage of a company to use this as a competitive advantage and unique selling point in an over crowded market; to harness consumers with your historic iconic brand DNA. Galliano has certainly done that with this collection. It’s all about brand DNA people.

At the end of the day what is Haute Couture in today’s world, everyone knows it barely makes profit but it’s not about that is it? it is the epicenter of design and inspiration..that eventually trickles down to the masses.

…But I won’t get into the argument about what the status or current dynamics are, of whether fashion trickles down from the fashion houses and designers or bubbles up from the masses. Who knows anymore anyways??


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