i ♥ harnesses part 2

Here are a few lovely harnesses to satisfy all of you harness fiends. I wish it was acceptable to leave the house wearing these pieces…unfortunately even my relatively moderate harnesses, which I posted the other day, get me some good baby evils eyeballing action (it’s not like I wear them nude like above!)

Having a passion for fashion and living in Istanbul just don’t go together so well. I don’t care if people try to oppose this opinion because you can go to the most westernised and modern areas here and you will still be stared at or looked down on.

When you pull yourself out of your little ‘cultured/educated/fashionable/wealthy’ bubble you’re still in the midst of an extremely conservative nation. And it’s not like it’s getting any better either…

We are just pin drops in an ocean..I won’t give up so easily though..


One thought on “i ♥ harnesses part 2

  1. Inspirational. You blog makes me want to burn my bra and get my harness on and go swimming down the Danube.

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