all the craze – lea t & andrej pejic

Getting his her own cover as well as one kissing Kate Moss for LOVE magazine’s hardcore issue which will be out this week!  Everyone is crazy for transsexual Lea T at the moment, she first blew up because Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy featured her in the presentation of his fall couture collection and then also in the Givenchy ad campaigns. She was actually his assistant before she started the modelling. Her latest feat was walking the runway of designer Alexandre Herchcovitch’s show at Sao Paulo fashion week..

Andrej Pejic (the male model that looks just like a girl, literally!) adds to the ‘androgyny frenzy’, Jean Paul Gaultier has been hawking him in his couture the bride none the less..and in his ad campaigns also.

I think this craze is just another stage in the fashion industry’s ever-changing quest for attention, relevance, and I guess, freshness. There’s nothing quite like the allure of ‘new’ and ‘sex’ is there now?


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