val d’isere: a few outfits

Sweater – Sandro

Boots – Tecnica

Jacket – Chanel

Bag – Ancient YSL that I still can’t let go of.

Cream sweater – Uterque

Cardigan – Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Belt – Uterque

Jeans – Vakkorama

Boots – Also ancient and I don’t have a clue where I got them from.

Sweater – Vakkorama

Shirt – What Goes Around Comes Around

Jeans – Kova&T

Boots –  Mukluk

Sweater dress – From a shop in the marais district in Paris and  it was crahazy cheap (couldn’t find a label)

Leggings – American Apparel

Boots – Moonboots! (I went off moonboots majorly in the past few years but I’m starting to feel them again, so I got these purple patent ones while I was there)

Belt – Vintage

Sweater – Uterque again

Jeans – Blank NYC

And to finish off some ski suit close ups:


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