ece sükan


This lady is the best of Turkish fashion.

Editor-at-large for Vogue Turkey,model,tv personality and ex-owner of  a vintage shop (and when I say vintage I mean the real deal, which is virtually non-existent in Turkey)

She has a unique and eclectic dress sense and you will never see her looking like the ‘rest’ or governed by a trend.

She is styling at its best.


5 thoughts on “ece sükan

  1. Vintage, is common in Turkey, as if Turkey never had any fashion, strange remark..

    • My comments never meant to imply that Turkey never had fashion, I am the first person to know that that is certainly not the case having been brought up in fashion!

      When I said virtually non existant I was talking about A grade vintage, couture, limited edition pieces, stuff sourced from all over the world as well as Turkey.

      As it is it’s hard to find vintage shops that aren’t just ‘second hand’. If you have any adresses or knowledge of these shops I would really appreciate it if you would share them with me so I could go check them out!


  2. Merhaba,
    Ece Sükan’ın stiline hayranım. Fotoğraf paylaşımınız için teşekkürler. Bayıldım:)

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