the original gaga

Daphne Guinness is the original lady Gaga, actually referencing her to Gaga is offensive. She is art..she is fashion, in the true meaning of using fashion as a form of art and expression. Couture, jewels..high high fashion. REAL DESIGN.

(image and video below shot by Markus & Indrani)

She’s not about sticking prostheses on herself and wearing the most outlandish outfits for the sake of it, and yes I believe that is exactly what lady gaga does.

She’s run out of ideas so she’s taken to ‘fake’ body modification (I hate body modifiers as it is, the people who actually insert foreign objects under their skin to distort their image of self and I presume rebel against the ‘normal’ form of the human being). She hasn’t got the balls to really do it. But she’s ok condoning the concept of it to millions of youngsters all over the world..I wish she would go away.


One thought on “the original gaga

  1. I don’t understand why people (like you) get SO offended over what Lady Gaga does, no, she didn’t do it ‘first’ but neither did Daphne, and no she doesn’t use eccentricity as well as Daphne does but the fact that she is willing to sacrifice her good looks (and yes, she is actually quite pretty- I met her before her first record came out and she’s very pretty when she’s not being eccentric) for the sake of what she calls ‘art’ should be good enough for us..and if you think it’s not art, then you obviously don’t realize that ‘art’ is highly subjective. I personally don’t think what Picasso did was all that fantastic for instance, but I LOVE Van Gough…So, yes, Daphne does put things together better and was eccentric before Lady gaga came along, and while I don’t understand why everyone that is eccentric is compared to Lady Gaga as she was not the first (and wont be the last) eccentric, that shouldn’t suggest that Lady Gaga is any less capable of artistic expression through Fashion..or that she’s just being outlandish for the sake of it.

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