hello peeps!

So I’m back! It’s been a crazy year for me!! But exactly 1 year from the day I stopped I have decided to get back into blogging..here are some of the major things that have gone down since the end of last October, which have unfortunately kept me from giving my time and energy to the blog.

  • I became an aunt to a beautiful baby boy in April, he is the sunshine of our lives and I couldn’t imagine life without the munchkin and his giggles.
  • I had a baby of my own – not the human kind, rather the canine. I named the monster Yoda.
  • I renovated a 100-year-old apartment into a luxury Christofle shop. And then launched this shop to become our fourth point of sale in Turkey.
  • I got engaged! That sh*t cray, seriously!
  • I was featured in the Vogue Türkiye New Years issue! Can you believe?!
  • I was featured in the “What I Wore Today” section of the Vogue Türkiye website for the month of March.
  • And finally on a sadder note, I lost the most amazing grandmother a girl could dream of having. The wackiest dresser I probably ever met and the inspiration for who I am today. I miss her and think of her everyday.

Now let’s get to blogging! Hope you guys will enjoy the coming posts I get to share with you!


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