Just your average 23 year old half-Turkish half-English girl, living in Turkey after years away from home, climbing that corporate ladder despite..well..wishing that I didn’t have to, but that’s life I guess!

Being rather a creative soul and having no outlet what..so..ever to express any of it…I decided why not start squandering more webspace and time by blogging! So this blog will ideally be a mix of stuff I’ve seen online that’s inspired me; whether it may be fashion, interiors, cities or a plethora of many totally other random nothings. 

To be honest, I don’t really aspire for it to gain any kind of following but obviously if some of you lone strangers end up liking anything I post, then that would be just riveting!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    I got this blog in search. I am glad toknow about you.
    I am a Textile craft designer from India working with different crafts artisans.
    check my blog

  2. hey you have a blue dress in front of a taxi in istanbul its long and you have a gold belt where did you buy this dress can you tell me please you are with niv herzikovitz on the pic @ bogaz in istanbul

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